Chile Reds Value Pack
Chile Reds Value Pack

Chile Reds Value Pack

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Six red hot bargains from all across Chile! Here’s an easy way to have a trip around Chile from the comfort of your own home at showstopping value. The pack will not only paint a picture of the Chilean wine scene, but it does so at a price unmatched and unrivalled by anyone in New Zealand. We’ve cut out every conceivable middle-man along the way – that way you are getting the true Chilean experience, for a price you’d expect to pay if you were a real “local”.

Each pack contains*:

*Subject to availability we may replace one or more of these wines for a wine of equal or greater value

1 x De La Tierra Merlot

1 x Storm Bay Merlot

1 x Vista Bodega Pinot Noir

1 x Makaraka Reserve Pinot Noir

1 x Makaraka Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

1 x Storm Bay Shiraz