Pals Gin Lemon Cucumber RTD Drink
Pals - Gin, Hawke's Bay Lemon, Cucumber and Soda (10 Cans)

Pals - Gin, Hawke's Bay Lemon, Cucumber and Soda (10 Cans)

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Pals - the tasty range of better for you beverages from the team at Master of Ceremonies. They're natural, have less than 1.1 g of sugar / 100 mL from Hawke's Bay apples but there is zero compromise on taste with this delicious disco liquid.

- No artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives
- All-natural flavours and real fruit extracts
- Low carb, Gluten-Free & Vegan Friendly 
- Special thermochromic ink turns the word 'COLD' on the cans blue when the tasty beverage inside is chilled and ready to drink. Cheers science, you're a real pal!

Sold as a pack of 10 x 330ml cans / ALC 5%

* Pals chose cans as they're fully recyclable, lightweight and cool down quickly.
* Pals' cartons are fully recyclable using organic inks. Leave no Pal behind ♻️

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