Venezia Doc Canal Grando Sparkling Rose

Venezia Doc Sparkling Rosé Dry (6 PACK - $12 p/btl)

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Venezia Doc is a tribute to a perfect blend of history and places of the Republic of Venice, the Queen of the Seas, which dominated the Mediterranean. The places of the hinterland, which from 1600 onwards began to interest Venetian families who recovered its ancient farming traditions. This wonderful combination can still be experienced in every glass of the wine.

This Sparkling Rosé is a deep rose with pink highlights. A lively mellow flavour, but with refreshing acidity, and a fruity bouquet with distinctly aromatic hints. Excellent as an aperitif or outside of meal times, it also goes well with dry pastries, quiches and other light dishes.

Please note this product cannot be purchased in single bottles.