RECIPE: White Wine Spritzer

What could be easier to make and enjoy than a White Wine Spritzer? It's such a classic drink and the possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing up and adding a little "sparkle" to any still white wine!

We're keeping it super simple today though with just 3 ingredients - white wine, soda water and lemon - to keep it light and refreshing!

You will want to use a white wine that is bright, crisp and fresh. Sauvignon Blanc is perfect here for its lightness and freshness with "green" notes from herbs or bell peppers.

So give this one a try as your next tasty afternoon drink or party sipper!

White Wine Spritzer



6-8 servings


750mL bottle of Sauvignon Blanc - we've used Duck Point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc here. You can use any light-bodied, crisp and fresh white wine!

1L bottle of soda water

2 lemons (cut into wedges and some rind for garnishing)


The best spritzers are super cold, so make sure your wine and soda water are as cold as possible!

The key is to remember the 3:1 pour - you'll need to pour 1 part soda water for every 3 parts of white wine. Depending on your personal taste and the white wine you are using, you might need to adjust slightly, but the 3:1 pour is a good starting point!

Pour the wine into a wine glass filled with ice. Top with soda water and add a lemon wedge or rind garnish.